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March 16, 2007



I need to read more Harry Potter books. I only read the first one, a couple years back, and I've never seen any of the movies. Since I write and publish fantasy, you'd figure I should size up "the competition". I'll see what I can do after Pan's Labyrinth. :P



I haven't read the sixth book and I wasn't planning to but I hadn't had the insights you had into the fifth book, had u mentioned them before the sixth book came out I might have actualy bothered reading it but I see I haven't missed anything:)...guess Rowling didn't either :)


I'm still holding out hope that Harry turns evil and Neville has to kill him in order to save the world.

...It could happen! :)


well you do have a point but i think the sixth book is more complex then vol was evil from day 1 he didnt have to be the way he was and the series as a whole show the parelelels btw harry and tom riddle (esp cos) book six continues this pattern and shows the divergence where it started from what choices the 2 did with the set of surcumstances - i.e orphans mistreated by the muggle world no knolage of magical world.
bt the age of 16 they choose diff paths but is it not feesabele to see harry turning a snake on his cuz just for fun and not only by accedent - or like his father bully another student - he does not choose that path and is the ideal candidate to defeat his mirror image juist for that - without the parelles we wouldnt find it feasable that harry would face vol.
just my thought.


I like how you described the Order of the Phoenix. While I agree with you on the themes and revelations of the book, I still found that one to be unnecessarily long and verbose and somewhat painful to read. But you made good points. There were certain conceptions that we all had throughout the first 4 books that were shattered (rightfully so) with Order of the Phoenix.
I am hoping the movie (which looks fantastic) will be able to take the important nuances of the book and parse them out to give the viewers a satisfying experience.

I disagree with you on the Half Blood Prince commentary though. I hear your point that JKR could have (and probably should have) explored the way Tom Riddle turned into Lord Voldemort instead of him labeling him "bad" as opposed to Harry's "good", I think JKR was trying to continue the theme she started in Chamber of Secrets. That it is the choices that define us. Harry and Voldemort had similar childhoods yet Harry was able to rise above it and didn't take advantage of the power bestowed on him.

Of course a whole other issue would be whether Harry ever really had a choice but that is an entirely different discussion. In any event, great post. I enjoyed reading it.

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