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April 16, 2007



A friend loaned me the Watchmen, thinking I would be interested in it. I tried to read it and failed. I learned that the graphic novel format is just not for me. I find it cumbersome and stilted. I am not one who appreciates comic art, so the graphics are lost on me, the genre is absent of verbal description, and relies entirely on the graphics and dialogue to tell the story. I found the dialogue to be stilted, terse and unsatisfying.

I also picked up what I thought of as an undercurrent of antipathy towards women as characters. I felt that the female characters were objectivised, and were represented simply for their bust size. I don't know if this developed in any way, because I had to put the book down before I got a quarter way through.

I don't know how it ends! But honestly I couldn't care.

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